Jorge Rubert 

1976, Valencia, (Spain)

My work reflects a personal journey through figuration and abstraction. There is a strong influence from the Spanish and Italian Baroque period. Old masters that I love and are always present in my work, as I try to use timeless classical painting techniques. Taking further influence from mass culture and the contemporary scene, I take anything visual around me to turn into something personal, despite its origins.  My creative process takes substance from personal inner worlds that can be seen in my artwork.

I work with my own photographs or life models as a reference, my paintings bridge the gap between painting, drawing and photography but always maintaining my own personal painting style. I try to give more personal information to the image. My work can be treated as realistic abstractions or visual poems in a way as I mix different techniques to find forms and colors that satisfy my hunger of painting. Sometimes a painting can initially come from a paint brushstroke or any other small reference from the physical reality which gets my consciousness into this parallel reality subjective and in the other hand surrealistic in a way.

My aim is not to corrupt the true and transcendental aesthetic experience of my artworks. Creating polymorphous paradigms of multicultural values.

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